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This area of the blog will be dedicated to the broad category simply called “Operations”.  Much of the focus will be dedicated to the common components that people skip for one reason or another.  I will show you the details to consider and tie those to the dollars and cents of your business.  Most people understand the discussion regarding “operations” in the business and how it has a direct reflection on your profit, so I don’t need to sell anyone on the importance of this category.  This is most commonly focused on in the Manufacturing or Retail sectors, can focusing on it improve the Financial or Healthcare Industry?  I will discuss these and other industries to show you what you may be missing!  I have clients from these sectors that will absolutely agree this is linked to your businesses ability to generate revenue.

The bulk of this blog will be multiple conversations over time around general management topics like Financial reporting, Auditing, Crucial Policies (every business needs), Time Management (my most popular seminar!), the many sides of Human Resources, and Labor management to name a few.  As with all of the blogs on C.S.Simons Consulting, special efforts will be made to break these down into actions that fit the scale and scope of your business.  Continued focus and discussion of these common subjects in a conversational format will make it much easier for operators to “fine tune” their own programs.  So questions are encouraged!

But I promise to still challenge you in ways that you may not have thought about!

Operations comes down to a few key area’s; Planning, Execution, Measurement, and Correction.  This blog will challenge industries that don’t think one of these pertains to them, and show them the importance.  I will also provide broader concepts to consider and different approaches to accomplish these.  Learn from my 25 years of Leadership in Operations Management, because I want to help.

This category will help keep you focused on the two things that matter most;

1) how to increase your businesses ability to generate revenue

2) how to be more profitable.


Carpe diem!

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