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This area of the blog will be dedicated to the broad category simply called “People”.

This category will focus on a few keys aspect of People Management; Selection, Training/ Development, Evaluating, and Motivation.  This subject applies to a micro business of 1 person or company of 10,000, and we will have something for all of you!  I will give details of how to gauge this area and how each of the above is linked to your businesses ability to generate revenue.  We will show micro-businesses how to measure their own potential and larger businesses how to get more out of their labor.  We can discuss tools like Labor Optimization grids or how to plan and manage a Succession Plan for your business.  There is an endless list of topics that our clients are continually asking about.

We may present managers with challenges, that when implemented, will improve employee “ownership” and greatly reduce turnover.  We may show many managers that they are the obstacle and then present how to fix it.  It’s not that hard once you know what to look for, and C.S.Simons Consulting is here to help you.  You will also hear from certified Coaches, Corporate Trainers and other Human Resource experts on best practices in Labor Management.

Many that say “People” are the greatest asset a business can have.  They can have an exponential effect on your revenue.  There are some great companies over time that have developed effective programs and methods for developing people to a greater potential.  Our consulting firm is designed to help your business make more profit and “people” have always proven to be the single greatest catalyst for that.  Let us show you what we have learned from those companies, lets have a conversation about how to get more from the investment you make in your people.


Carpe diem!

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