Corporate America

Role – Director’s level in Contract Management Agreement

Situation –

  • Client goals were to transform Dept. from traditional to “trend setting” service style with no turnover or bad Public Relations (internal & external)
  • Client wanted to reduce costs while increasing revenue in all department cost centers

Methodologies –

     Improvement needed in all 4 key area’s

  • People needed training and paradigm shift
  • Capital improvements needed for new product
  • Design an operations system that was attainable through skill levels available
  • Internal and External Marketing to insure success

 Plan of Action 

  • Create a culture of “Excellence” throughout Dept using multiple tactics,  metrics and training methods
  • Develop new system
    • Match Competency of staff to new roles & restructure Dept
    • Insure Quality Controls are in place
    • Products & Profitability thoroughly vetted
    • Develop Marketing Plan(internal marketing needed to staff &  depts.)
  •  Create & implement multi level training program to develop all staff
    • Taught by Dept managers
    • incorporated class room style learning with  video’s, role-plays and speakers
  • Communicate advantages of new system
    • Why it was important
    • How it will save jobs
  • Create Hype
    • Local speaking engagements, Industry Journals, Client educations

Results –

  • System met all requirements by client
    • Reduced product expenses
    • No labor turnover
    • Revenue increased
    • Most employee’s wages were increased
    • “Pioneering” service model
  • Excellent press coverage (Company & Client)
  • Received Special Recognition awards and notoriety for Design and Implementation
  • 10 year contract signed!
  • Used as platform to sell future business– Currently used in over 300 accounts Nationwide

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