Non Profit Sector

Role –  Provide in-depth program analysis & recommendations


Situation –

  • State’s largest multi service Non Profit provider
  • 8 locations over a large region
  • Multiple years of exceeding budgeted expenses
  • Requested a Cost Benefit Analysis & Operational Effectiveness assessment on  key components of program


Methodologies –

  • Utilize our M.O.R.E.© Assessment Program to focus on People & Operations
  • Perform a Root Cause Analysis- determined this project is more than it appeared
  • Review organizations Policies and Procedures for compliance
  • Reviewed one year of financial information, reports and Inventories
  • Performed a supply chain audit


Plan of Action –

  • Interviewed all key staff at all locations
  • Visit all locations; audit production methods and interview staff and customers
  • Profitability assessment on products and production
  • Determine “Best practices” and report on variances


Results –

  • Managed major vendor RFP resulting in 20% savings
  • Created customized tools for workplace development
  • Mentored multiple employee’s through transition period
  • Identified key area’s for Strategic Planning process with Board of Directors
  • Initiated monthly financial accountability system for each location
  • Improved Physical Inventory process for improved cost control and accountability
  • Changed the culture and focus of the organization resulting in a significant reduction of expenses to the program.


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