Restaurant Industry

Role – Asked to “fix” a troubled business in a National Chain



  • 5 year old, well established in community
  • Costs were in line – Food, Bev, Labor (%’s)
  • Sales were steadily declining over 18 months
  • Marketing had been consistent (local and national)


Methodologies – Utilize the M.O.R.E.© Assessment tool to determine the problem for drop in sales.

  • Issues found were a Reputation problem & poor execution from;
    • Poor use of resources
    • Inconsistent use of standards
    • Lack of Quality control
    • Staff unmotivated
    • Restaurant lost “energy”


Plan of Action –

  • “Internal Marketing” and Accountability
    • Utilized established resources to “teach the Brand”
    • Built skill levels throughout the Restaurant
      • Showed staff how to be “M.O.R.E.” successful at their job
    • Daily Execution of standards
    • Encouraged “ownership” at every level
    • Hosted Multiple events in community


Results –

  • Refined and Refocused the management staff
  • Increased Revenue generation by 75% in 20 months!
  • Staff attrition drastically reduced
  • Regained position in community –
    • Voted “Best” place to work
    • Voted “Best Restaurant” in town (by local paper)


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