Retail Industry

Role –  Hired by investors to launch company franchise

Situation –

  • Introduce the New Brand into a community.  This community had this type of store, but we positioned ourselves as the Premium choice and we needed to show this area how we were different and why were a valuable to them.


Methodologies –

  • Focus on Marketing premium people and products to establish brand in area
  • Recruit elite, seasoned staff who possessed the right attitude & were proven to be trainable.  THEY were the real product of this brand.
  • Educate everyone we come in contact with.  Do not sell, consult based on needs.
  • Make community aware of logo and what it will represent


Plan of Action –

  • Brand Awareness
    • Established as “Educators, Experienced, & Premium” prior to opening
    • Tradesmen devoted to our Brand
      • Built local Hype
    • Personally appeared EVERYWHERE in logo’d apparel
    • Gave away Logo’d stuff. Made the Brand recognizable
    • Product sampling – everywhere!
    • Become “likable”
  • Social Media
    • Collected email, emails and more emails
    • Facebook post strategy (message, target, content)
  • Networking Relationships
    • Found the RIGHT Demographic

Results –

  • Highest first hour opening sales in company
  • Well recognized with in the community at time of opening
  • Corporate Franchiser adopted tactics
  • Franchiser utilized this store as “Show Store” and model for future growth
  • End of first week sales = #2 in company!


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