How we do it

There are probably a few things you should know…


In addition to being “small by design”, our firm offers a Shared Risk Guarantee with the work performed through our contracts.  This is done because we understand the difficulties small businesses face and know first hand how they could use some help, but have a hard time justifying the money to hire a consultant.  Here is why C.S.Simons Consulting is unique; in many instances you may be given the option to defer the bulk of your payment until YOU start making money from the recommendations we speak of.  If it takes 3 months to get things in place, so be it.  It’s understood that to small and medium sized business, they need to see an ROI to feel comfortable about spending the money.

We get it!


The second part of our Shared Risk Guarantee is even better for you!

 “If our recommendations do not improve your profits or increase your effectiveness then you will not be billed for our time.  Period”


 More for you to consider….

our style…                                                We are….

We are very patient                                                                   People you want at the table

Likable, comfortable dialog                                                      Successful

Partnering,                                                                                    Firm when needed

(We will treat your business like our own)


others think…..                                    what counts…..

Confident                                                                                             Experienced

Polite                                                                                                    Resourceful

Knowledgable                                                                                        Creative

Funny                                                                                                      Dedicated


Seriously, what more do you want from a Consultancy?

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