Business Assessment Tool

Whats the process?  How are we different?  How does this work?

The engine that fuels a company is its ability to generate revenue, and that is an important engine to keep in tune.  That ability relies on 4 key area’s with in the business (People, Products, Operations, and Marketing).  EVERY business (Profit / Non Profit) needs these 4 areas which are often developed at different stages of the businesses growth.  CSSimons Consulting looks at each of these area’s as it relates to generating revenue and customizes growth strategies to strengthen your ability to generate revenue.  We don’t plan on advising you on how to make your “Widgets” differently, we are going to make sure the business creates enough revenue so you can keep making your “Widgets”, or find  ways to make you more profit while doing so.

The M.O.R.E.© concept assesses your Businesses Ability To Generate Revenue, and determines if changes make sense.   One common difference between independent Consultants is HOW they assess your business.  Our copy-written assessment tool M.O.R.E.© will look at all the key area’s needed to generate revenue before determining where to focus first.


What is M.O.R.E. ?


Our Copy-written© assessment tool that is non industry specific and completely effective for all sizes and stages of a business.

Methodologies to Optimize

Revenue and Efficiency

Who it helps

Non Profit and “for profit” Businesses in  ANY  industry experiencing…

  •  Just starting
  • Rapid Growth
  • Staled Growth
  • Expansion
  • Succession issues
  • Franchisee’s
What to expect

The first phase is part conversational,  part audit, and definitely getting to know your team. Once recommendations are made the second phase is closely monitoring the implementation, making adjustments if needed and insuring the metrics have been met.

Most projects involve this 6 step process.
  1. Interview
  2. Assessment
  3. Strategy & Planning session
  4. Written plan presented
  5. Implementation phase
  6. Evaluation

    when assessing your business. We believe you should look at the whole picture before you should address any changes. Our system that looks at the 4 primary pieces of the puzzle to determine what MORE your business needs to achieve its goals. Do it once, do it right!