Employee Development

Training Seminars & Workshops

Assertiveness Training

Self motivation, conflict resolution, relationship building – 2 hr

 Knowing how to handle yourself while not being perceived as pushy or shy will increase your self worth, and your reputation as a worker.  Your ability to handle conflicting situations effects multiple aspects of your position and when not handled well is time consuming and stressful.  Learn how to deal with situations with the confidence needed.

                        You will learn;

  • How to recognize your own strengths & weaknesses
  • Practice assertive behaviors
  • How to manage your stress level during conflict
  • Anger buttons and how to deal with them


Individual Development

Harness the actions to become a more valuable associate – 2hr

Designed for “promotable” Employee’s that demonstrate above average Job Performance or Competency, but are holding themselves back from growth due to self esteem or issues’ related to emotions and the negative culture those create.   This seminar will help employees learn about Emotional intelligence and how it can help them achieve higher goals or increase their value as an employee. 

                        They will learn;

  • An overview of the 4 Intelligences’
  • Tools and techniques for building on the 4 Intelligences’
  • Identify personal strengths and limitations
  • Build a personal Development Strategy



Time Management for Employee’s

How to focus employee’s on what you need from them– 2 hr

Designed to help valuable employees that often get side tracked or can’t find the time to complete their work.  This seminar gives a basic overview of Time Management, and how it will be affecting the employee.   Your employee will leave having a more efficient mindset towards their job, with an increased awareness of priorities and effectiveness.  Learn from a former Corporate Trainer proven ways to get more done in this comfortable, open forum style seminar.

                        You will learn;

                                    How to get more done thru increased focus

                                    Skills to make better decisions

                                    How to prioritize their day

                                    Scheduling basics