General Business

Training Seminars & Workshops

Business Boot Camp

Great for Business Planning, Profitability Problems, Organizational Effectiveness & Strategic Planning– 4 hrs

This non industry specific seminar discusses how to dissect your business into the 4 key areas needed to generate revenue.  Learn what business areas have the greatest impact on growth and where you should be focused.  Which strategies really work?  Increase your understanding of how they all work together.  Review the tools every manager needs to be successful.  Leave with the understanding of how your business could be more profitable.

                        You will learn;

  • What are these key components?
  • How to dissect each component to measure its success
  • How to prioritize with confidence
  • How to insure the change will work



Branding Basics

Great for start ups, Operations Managers, Franchisee’s,  and growth CEO’s – 2 hrs

What makes a brand get noticed?  Which strategies do I need to use when creating or changing MY brand? How do you stay ahead of your reputation? These are just some of the common questions asked about Branding.  What others don’t tell you is the importance of Brand Operations on the profitability of your business.  This is a critical seminar for those just starting a business and a must for people who think they want to expand their business.   Leave with an understanding of how you can teach others to speak to your Brand on a daily basis.

You will learn;

  • How to create a Dynamic Brand
  • Key components your Brand needs to have
  • The importance of customer perceptions and how to manage them!
  • How important daily operations are to your Brand



Hospitality Management workshop

Discusses the unique problems faced in the Hospitality industry – 2hrs

 This is a seminar design for Hospitality professionals, BY Hospitality professionals.  This speaks to the specific challenges with in the industry that its staff and managers face.  Leave with an understanding of how to find the right people, at the right price that you can trust to build your business.  Discuss proven “Best Practice” training tactics used by global leaders, from an award winning Chef, GM, Corporate Trainer and Auditor. 

                        You will learn;

  • How to break down the “Back” and “Front” mentality
  • What are the best traits for new hires
  • When to find the time to train properly
  • Keys to a great shift!