Human Resources

Training Seminars & Workshops

How to minimize Employee Performance problems

Getting the best return from you Human capital– 2 hr

What do employees want from you?  How can you get them to do what you expect, and act the way you want? You need to have systems in place to help your employee’s be successful. At this seminar see examples of effective Job Descriptions, Competency Assessments, Organized Training Programs and Work Flows.  Gain an understanding of how these all work together to help you business run smoother than ever.  You will leave with the ability to determine what is needed for your organization and hear the keys to creating them from a seasoned Field Human Resource Manager.

                        You will learn;

  • What is needed to insure an employee’s success
  • Who you need a Competency Assessment for
  • How to build and implement these tools
  • When it is time for a Progressive Discipline program


Succession Planning

Developing Leaders from within while reducing Turnover– 2 hr

As organizations grow, they always need good people.  This seminar demonstrates how to develop your people today into what you will need for tomorrow.  Promoting talent with in an organization keeps cost low and productivity and moral high.  It is also proven to save money for the company.  Good leaders need to have the tools and ability to identify and develop future key performers in their organization.  Discover the “Best Practices” followed by leading companies and develop the tools to instituting this in your organization.  Keep employees longer, turnover lower, and create a better reputation as an employer of choice.

                        You will learn;

  • How to create the model you need
  • What is needed for an effective training program
  • When to promote someone
  • How to develop a succession plan for employees and what it costs


A Successful Employee Selection Process

Anyone who hires people – 2 hr

The single most important thing you can do for your organization or team is hiring the right additions or replacements.  Learn how to diagnose what is needed for your teams, and what the priorities should be.  Hear and practice techniques used during interviews to answer the real question, will they fit!  How to transform the science of “gut instinct interviewing” into a scientific, trackable system.  Leave with steps you can immediately implement in your organization.

You will learn;

  • What recruiters look for
  • How to predict future performance of a candidate
  • Where to look to find people
  • How expensive it is to not hire the right person