Training Seminars and Workshops

Essential Leadership Training 

How to use authority to motivate – 2 hr

This seminar focuses on the communication skills needed to hone your message as a leader.  You will learn how everything you do is being watched, and how to make the most of it!  Create an environment that allows you to rally support in difficult situations.

                        You will learn;

  • How to build greater trust, loyalty and buy in
  • Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring for increased results
  • Essential habits of a Leader
  • Strategies to create the direction you want others to travel



Methodologies of Strategic Planning

Customized for various levels throughout an organization

( Supervisory thru Board of Directors)–  4 hr

Strategic Plans can be used for virtually any large scale, organizational goal. Large goals often effect multiple parts of your business.  A Strategic Plan is used as a holistic, multidiscipline, planning approach for your business or organization.  This seminar is designed for companies that have the drive to take the organization to the next level.  Discuss the 4 essential steps needed in any Plan, and how to apply them to your situation.  Gain clarity on what needs to be accomplished to meet business goals.  Leave with the tools and knowledge to manage your organization through this process.

                        You will learn;

  • How to create attainable Organizational Goals
  • The importance of quantifiable Objectives
  • What are the components of a successful Strategy
  • When to assign tactics and incentives to control outcomes



Successfully Managing People

Leading people towards results – 2hr

How do you measure the success of a Manager? What type of Management style works best to manage people?  Come find the answers to these and more questions in an enlightening and engaging open forum style seminar.  Half of the class will be dedicated to role plays, question and answer sessions.  Leave with a better understanding of how to motivate your employee’s to do what you need them to do, allowing you to focus on what you need to do!

                        You will learn;

  • Methods of communicating to employees
  • What your employee’s expect from you
  • What is the secret to gaining followers?
  • When is discipline effective