Training Seminars and Workshops

So you were promoted to a manager, now what

Management and Supervisory Skills  – 4hr

This seminar will provide the tools needed to help the newly appointed manager successful and plan for the challenges ahead.  Creates an understanding of what your supervisor, peers, subordinates and company will expect from you.  Helps transition an above average employee into an effective Supervisor.  New managers will have greater confidence and the ability to design a development program that leads to success.

                        You will learn;

  • How to define your personal management style
  • Goal setting for your self and others
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Managing Time Effectively
  • The rewards of a 4 step training mentality
  • What your Company, Supervisor & Human Resources expect



Interpersonal Skills for Managers

Managers or Supervisors new to or challenged by managing others – 2 hr

Discover how to energize subordinates to complete daily tasks with minimal follow up through relationship building techniques. Increase your understanding of all forms of communication, and how employees react accordingly.  Build a stronger, longer lasting team and keep attrition cost low.  Leave with immediate steps for improvement and increase the success of the team you manage.

                         You will learn;

  • How to balance expertise & experience with the energized & motivated
  • Listening and Questioning techniques that resolve conflict
  • How to build effective workplace relationships
  • What investing in Trust and Respect will do for you



Fundamentals of Time Management

Everyone! – 2hr

This is the number one requested seminar.  Either a first timer or for a seasoned professional, revisiting the fundamentals of this skill is imperative to stay sharp.  If you want to get more accomplished, discover the tricks CEO’s use to get more done and still be home for dinner.

                        You will learn;

  • The difference between Urgent and Important
  • How to prioritize daily events
  • What components a good time management tool needs
  • When is it OK to use the “NO” word


Improving your Managerial Effectiveness

Management and Supervisory Skills – 2Hr

Designed to help a manager/supervisor better understand the relationship between their actions and the results of the teams they are accountable for.  Learn the difference between, and the importance of, moving from Boss to Coach.  Understand the components of team dynamics.  Leave with a better sense of what you should be spending your time on to get the results you need.

                        You will learn;

  • The 4 primary behavior styles and how your ability to adapt creates results
  • How to develop, maintain and manage a team focused on your goals
  • What employee’s need to excel in your system
  • What systems or tools are needed to implement and measure effectiveness


Managing Chaos

Prioritizing during perpetual change –  2 hr

So many people find themselves in a position that is in constant change and have difficulty achieving their goals.  This seminar provides the most effective tools to plan your day and adjust to shifting priorities and demands.  Demonstrations and role plays on how to use assertive communication correctly, giving greater confidence to manage interruptions and objections.  Learn the keys to Change Management and what you need to do to succeed in this environment.

                        You will learn;

  • How to reduce, clarify and eliminate chaos with in your control
  • Act more decisively when priorities shift
  • Manage conflicts with greater ease
  • A “Set for Success” mindset