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Conversations with a Consultant – Products

This area of the blog will be dedicated to the broad category simply called “Products”.

In this category I will outline different aspects needed to design new, or strengthen existing, products with in your company.  How to look for opportunities in the market place and the science behind how to be sure the product you design will sell prior to its launch.

I will continually challenge readers to look at there business differently.  The people, the physical location, your customers, and the energy/hype these all produce are all “products” of your business that people WILL judge you by.  It all adds up and the business that creates a better EXPERIENCE with their “products” will have the ability to generate more revenue.  Which is of course what this is all about.

I will also be speaking about different strategies to use with the products you offer.  Some choose to create a bigger, better or sexier versions of an existing product line.  So what do you need to know about the competition and what you need to do to stake your percentage of the market?

Others want to be pioneers and create something new in the marketplace.  Sounds great, but what do you need to do to be both noticed and profitable.  Being a pioneer is the expensive route to go, so how much will you need for capital reserve?  How do you project that?  We’ll talk about that too.

Most companies spend time and resources in creating and maintaining a products reputation.  There are many different tactics to use depending on what type of product you present.  How do I plan and measure this? Are your people your product? do they create your brands reputation? Or do you manufacture a product reviewed by consumers?  Very different tactics and each will be explained in this category of our blog.

Experience shows that few businesses look at all the aspects needed to create a strong and lasting product in today’s market place. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.    Marketing Consultants may touch on these aspects but seldom take this holistic of an approach, one that considers the other areas of your business needed to support your marketing tactics (People & Operations).  While these experts usually have very good advice on what Advertising mediums or campaign tactics and strategy will serve you best, there is more to generating revenue than just getting the people through the door.  It’s about execution.  The goal of these conversations are to help you create the strongest, most sustainable product possible.


Carpe diem!