Management & Consulting Testimony

“…Scott pulled from his background and performed additional research to produce a “masterpiece” of a Plan.  His presentations to our client were very well received.  Scott has outstanding interpersonal and written and verbal communication skills.  He has excellent follow-up/through and goes the extra mile to satisfy the client. ” 

            Tom Mongeon, CEO, Executive Service Corps NH


“…He has patience and is a great communicator. You always know where you stand and where your project stands. He is excellent at following a budget”.

             Paul Casey, Director of Franchise Operations,                         The Meat House


“…Scott always approached each opportunity with a sound plan and was always prepared. He developed partnerships with clients and built a trust factor into the business so that when the tough calls had to be made they were accepted by all parties involved, because we knew it was what was best for the team. If I were to start a new endeavor Scott Simons is the man I would want in charge of developing my organization and leading it in to Today’s market place.”

            Craig B, Director, Northeast Health Group inc


“…Scott has an exceptional work ethic and attention to detail. Scott has a great style and works very well with individuals at all levels and with competing agendas…”

            Kaitlyn Folckemer, Human Resource Manager,                   Compass Group Management

“…Our leadership is highly impressed with Scotts’ depth of expertise, attentiveness, and energy and passion devoted specifically to our food service. We provide daily meals to almost 5,000 rural elders in northern New Hampshire. Our service is vital…… Not only did Scott bring his deep knowledge and experience to GCSCC’s leadership; he worked side-by-side with our kitchen staff at locations across our 1,800 square mile county. He directly experienced how we operate at the local level, and he understood from the ground up our strengths and weaknesses…. Even after the consultancy officially ended, Scott continued to work closely with us as we went through a food bid for our major food vendor. This bid represents 10% of our total agency budget…. he continues to share his expertise with us as we modernize our menu and inventory systems, build in tighter controls, and work toward a food program that is cost-efficient and nutritionally sound.

            Roberta Berner, Executive Director,                                           Grafton County Senior Center Council

“…I was given the pleasure to work with Scott. He was and still is a great mentor. He has thought me things about this business that I will use today and in all my future endeavors.”

         Michael Quastello, Dept. Manager, Athol Hospital


Scott was always a wonderful role model and mentor. He has a knack for building amazing teams and motivating them to operate with great productivity. His contagious work ethic and passion make working with him not only easy but also an extremely valuable experience. I will never let go of the wonderful business values he taught me while I worked with him.”

            Gillian Marino, Marketing Supervisor,                                     North Shore Meat House


“Scott is a true professional in every sense of the term. He has always stayed focused regardless of whatever obstacle may arise then plan the best way to tackle and eliminate it while always keeping the company goals intact… his decisions are always based on how it effects the guest point of view…. I would recommend Scott for any business venture that needs solid, dedicated and seasoned management or advice”

            Jason Belair, General Manger,                                                         Lowell Beer Works


“……He just finished his first major project for Executive Service Corps of N.H. (a marketing and communications plan) and the client was delighted”

            Michael Daily, Non Profit leader, CFO/Finance                   Expert, Consultant & Founder Executive Service                 Corps NH.


“..In my time working with Scott I learned more about working with people for a common achievable goal which has stuck with me through the years. Scott is organized, highly energetic, extremely efficient, and has a great passion for what he does.  Scott would be a tremendous asset to any well run project.”

            Emily C. Eastman Brown, Business Systems                         Analyst, Amphenol Printed Circuits


“Scott is an excellent communicator and manager. In the several times which I worked closely with Scott he was always reliable, accountable and a real pleasure to work with. He has a great grasp for how the industry operates and he can provide a wealth of knowledge to any business or project.”

            Mark Major, Financial Analyst, Novartis


“Scott always surprised me with his patience and positivity. He looks at the big picture but pays especial attention to detail, especially when it comes to training needs. He is transparent in all of his actions and I always knew what was expected. . He always came to the table with a “glass is half-full” mentality, which aided us in looking at the issue at hand from different angles.”

            Adriene Worthington RD, LDN, Manager,                                 The Greater Boston Food Bank