Seminar Feedback


“Scott Simons is an exceptional trainer. I attended one of his trainings and came away learning various areas of my business that need improvement and the tools to accomplish that.  Scott is informative, entertaining and knowledgeable in areas of branding, time management and more.

If you have a business and want to increase productivity and efficiency, I would suggest working with Scott. I believe he is a valuable asset to help any small or mid-size business increase their revenue and get their brand known.”

Terri Pattison, owner, SendOutCards


I found his seminar to be very helpful. Sometimes we know what is important but it’s a challenge to perfect things. I found it very helpful to strongly think about that 15 second commercial that you have when you first meet with a business owner. I also found your presentation to be extremely motivating and encouraging.”  

       Erica Cook, Regional Business Development                 Manager, Positive FM 89.3 / 99.9 Maine/NH/Mass


“The wealth of information that Scott shared with me is an asset to my business….. Thanks to Scott, I have the knowledge and tools necessary to build solid business relationships.”

         Samantha Beaudoin,  Liberty Mutual


The information shared by Scott in his recent workshop on Time Management at the Enterprise Center was exactly what I was looking for. He provided easy to follow steps to identify the different roles I play in order to create a better work/life balance. He also shared valuable information on how to set and accomplish goals.”

       Victor L Cabrera – Owner &  Designer,                                         Vic Graphic Design


 “Scott delivered a powerful message on time management in a recent seminar that I attended.  He gave a clear approach on how to manage our time effectively by combining goals with our values.  I liked the practical ideas that I can put to use right away.  For me, in juggling more than one business and nonprofit work, this was a lifesaver!”

         Lori Tremblay – Owner, The Juice Plus Company,                Salem Piano Lessons


“As an entrepreneur, I have to wear many hats….Scott’s workshop introduced some simple techniques that helps prioritize which tasks really are urgent and important, and which activities can be delegated or discarded. It’s a great way to focus your efforts on what really counts.”

         Jamie Bradley – CEO, Sophwell Inc


“Scott presented a number of gems during his presentation. I found myself connecting with the material, excited and engaged. His handouts were extremely helpful in formulating and working on my goals”.  

        Patricia Woods – Independent Facilitator


“Thank you so much for the advice! I have forwarded this onto the team of women I work with……I appreciate your dedication to your students and ensuring that each person has the pertinent information that will allow them to succeed in their own field.”

       Stephanie Geiser – Recruitment Team Lead,                          Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts


 I enjoyed your Workshop….  Actually, what I have found to be the most useful is to prioritize my goals and not my meetings.  As a city councilor I am asked to join people for meetings constantly, I had let the meetings be my priority and plan for the week, rather than my goals.  So, thank you for that!   I really did enjoy the workshop and will recommend it to others!

       Estelle Rand – City Councilor,                                                        City of Beverly Massachusetts