What we do

As a full service partner, C.S.Simons Consulting is designed to handle every situation a business may encounter.   A majority of services we provide for our clients involve Organizational Effectiveness issues, where it is urgent to correctly find the source of the problem before any attempts are made to correct .  We do this through a combination of techniques and we prefer to include as many of your team as possible in this process.  This can be performed rapidly and has very low impact to daily operations.

Effectiveness issues tend to lead into the second or third most popular service requested by our clients.  Strategic Business Planning for larger, more complex issues and Workplace Development for problems that can be rectified by a change in habits or behaviors with in an organization.  Succession Planning is growing in popularity as many baby boomers are looking to hand over the keys to the business.  This process is a combination of Strategic Planning AND Workforce Development and is commonly started 3 to 5 years out (Best Practice).

Depending on where your problem is rooted there may be a number of other project based needs of your organization.  Some like to have an outside company perform Audit functions or Profitability Assessments to gain a fresh set of eye’s on your operations and product development.   A Labor Optimization Survey to review how efficiently you utilize your employee’s often saves clients money.   Others find it helpful to have these reports produced to support  annual Board of Directors meetings or for the Budgeting Cycle.  Non profits are often interested in Market Study Reports to gauge future efforts.

Training Hello I Am Someone Who Can Help words written on a nametag sticker or label, which could be worn by a therapist, consultant, doctor, or other expert who can solve your problemand Development is a specialty of this firm and we have success in facilitating everything from classroom style learning for your employee’s to Leadership Development programs for your Directors.  We have been a proven addition to guide Board of Directors through Strategic Planning and Goal Setting sessions  and  we have a growing list of CEO’ Mentorships!



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